Friday, April 9, 2010

The Electro Wars Director Stephen Vasquez

I wrote an email to Stephen Vasquez about Electro Wars and he wrote me back! Here it is.


I appreciate your email! I really do, sincerely. Your love and passion for the music really comes across through your writing. I have begun to update the site regularly with information regarding the release of a DVD/Theatrical Screenings. I get emails every day asking the same question, and rightfully so. The fact that you throw around the word "inspire" really speaks to me and is quite humbling. I have been making films since I was six years old and I've never lost my drive or passion for this craft. The fact that I made something that has reached so many people is simply amazing! The personal connections I share with a lot of the fans is more rewarding than making money off a product. Thank you for your kind words brother.

Peace and love,

Stephen Alex Vasquez

PS: WMC is a shitfest! Don't waste your money, just go to ULTRA.

Holy shit that was cool.

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